General and Dynamic Meteorology

Chemical composition of air - Change of meteorological parameters of height – Barometric systems - General Circulation of the atmosphere - Introduction to dynamic meteorology - Meteorological coordinate systems - The fundamental equations of motion. Scale analysis - The geotropic wind. The gradient wind - The cyclostrophic wind - Thermal wind.

Mathematical Methods in Operational Research

What is a stochastic process - Queuing Theory: birth-death processes - some well-known queuing systems - Markov Chains: n-step transition probabilities - classification of states - steady-state probabilities and mean first passage times - absorbing chains.


Elements of probability theory - Distributions of some useful statistics - Descriptive statistics - Methods of point estimation - Confidence intervals and tests of hypotheses for the mean, the variance and the proportion for one and two samples - Test of Goodness-of-Fit - Contingency tables - Tests of homogeneity - The method of least squares-Regression - Tests of hypotheses and Confidence intervals in simple linear Regression - Simple, multiple and partial correlation coefficient - Analysis of variance - The one-way layout - The two-way layout with and without interaction - Non-parametric

Differential Equations

Differential equations of first order - The method of Pickard - Linear differential equations of order n2 - Reduction of the order of a differential equation - Euler’s equations systems of differential equations.

Algebraic Structures II

Rings, subrings and ring homeomorphisms - Ideals and sum and product of ideals- Isomorphism theorems of rings- Integral domains - Quotient field- The ring of integers, the field of rational numbers- Prime fields- Prime and maximal ideals- Principal ideal domains - Unique factorization domains- Euclidean domains - Polynomial rings - Irreducible polynomials in Q[x], R[x], C[x]- Field extensions - Algebraic and transcendental elements - Algebraic extensions and the minimal polynomial - Field constructions.

Calculus IV

Multiple integrals - Line integrals - Surface integrals - The integral theorems of Vector Analysis.

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