Dynamic Modeling


Phenomenological Laws, Scientific Method, Mathematical Modeling, The Prediction Problem. Differential Equations, Difference Equations and Dynamical Systems.Classification, Stability, Solutions (Analytic, Approximate, Numerical), Simulations.Selective Applications.Chaos, Random Number Generators, Population Dynamics and ChemicalReactions, Economics, Biology, Signals and Filters, Cellular Automata, Dynamics of Communication Νetworks. Τhe Objectives of the course are:
1) The understanding of Mathematical modeling in terms of Dynamical Systems in discrete time (Difference Equations) and in continuous time (Differential Equations).
2) The exploration of the possibilities and the identification of the difficulties to find solutions of dynamical models
3) the relevance of approximations and errors in applications.

Course Coordinators

Credit Units (ECTS): 
ΣΜ07, 0750