Sampling and Statistical Processing


Part 1: Sampling and its applications in Social and Economical Issues- Methods and Techniques of Sampling - About Surveys in from A to Z in details.
Part 2: Designing Sample Surveys - Preparation of structured questionnaires - checking the reliability and usefulness of them in collaboration with specialist of several disciplines - Question forms and specialization of their use - Questions and random variables coming out of them - Coding data from questionnaires - Use of Computer in storing the data from questionnaires to files and to analyze then via statistical methods - Manipulation of outputs and ethics.
Part 3: Special issues on Sampling, like: ―Looking for linear trends of data‖ - ―Mining (latent) periodicities from data‖ - ―About 2nd degree pdf from 2-dimensional domains - Low budget surveys‖ - ―Coefficient of Variation (Cv) and its applications: e.g. scaling continuous random variables”

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Suggested References

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Credit Units (ECTS): 
ΣΜ06, 0748