Master in Mathematics

Course Offerings 2017-18
Warning: the list of courses on the webpage "Courses" is not up to date. The courses offered this academic year 2017-18 is found here.
A full Course Guide in English for the academic year 2017-18 is available at the Erasmus page, both as a pdf file and an on-line bookmarked document:

Research Fields

Abstract harmonic analysis
Algebraic geometry
Associative rings and algebras
Category theory; homological algebra
Commutative algebra
Computer science
Convex and discrete geometry
Difference and functional equations
Differential geometry
Field theory and polynomials
Functional analysis
Functions of a complex variable
Group theory and generalizations
Mathematical logic and foundations
Measure and integration
Nonassociative rings and algebras
Number theory
Numerical analysis
Operations research, mathematical programming
Operator theory
Partial differential equations
Potential theory
Probability theory and stochastic processes
Systems theory; control
Topological groups, Lie groups